IMG_1609Tim Sunter writes:    At Harborne this morning there were only two students: Jen and myself. Including Steve Horton, who lead the session, there were six helpers – all of whom gave their time freely to help us to learn. This drove home again how special it is to get the voluntary support of helpers and tutors at the School week after week. Although we often say thanks before departing – and mean it – it’s nice to be able to publicly express our appreciation of all this support. So cheers to all you helpers and tutors!


As a IMG_0986pupil who only started ringing this year, I have been lucky enough to join a bell ringing teaching school , that I find is not only first class in its theory but excellent in its hands on practical bell ringing techniques. The ease of knowledge that is passed on individually while actually pulling the ropes, is a triumph of advancement. so much information is absorbed in the short 2 hour lesson you leave with your head spinning, its great. All the trainers are helpful, sincere and full of enthusiasm, I couldn’t have wanted to learn Campanology at a better time, these courses will help me to become a competent ringer in far, far lest time that probably most of the current ringers and I thank the school for all their help, efforts and the time that all trainers and helpers alike give up  to help us the pupils learn this wonderful ‘hobby’. Who knows one day I will be able to repay the debt by being a tower helper myself
Many thanks to all involved


“I really appreciate the time and help I am getting, please can I sign up for another 4 weeks?                    Lesley
“Congratulations! The School is certainly making a big difference. I would have given up long ago. Thank you to all the helpers and to my fellow student for their help and support. Christine
“I am really enjoying the bell ringing school and appreciate the effort and support of all teachers and helpers. Long may it continue.”                     Annette

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