The programme

Birmingham School of Bell Ringing

Full tuition by accredited teachers

Learning bell ringing is a hobby that does require some commitment. As with all technical skills, it is time spent practicing that leads to competence and therefore fulfilment and enjoyment.

The early stages are quite difficult (relatively…) and need to be mastered correctly to ensure a neat and tidy style that enables the ringer to ring the whole range of bells on offer – light, heavy, easy going and difficult.

At BSoBR you will be taught by tutors who are accredited by the Association of Ringing Teachers. The School operates every Saturday morning in term times from 10.15 – 12.15. Groups of students are limited to 6 at each level.

We take students from raw recruit to competent method ringer (methods are the sequences and patterns that we ring), attending at 4 different, skill oriented towers. As a student achieves each skill level they progress to the next level at the next tower, thus giving them an insight into the wider social environment of ringing as a hobby.

Progression through the School is at the student’s own pace. Quite early on in their journey with us, we encourage and can help facilitate students with joining a bell ringing band at a local church – increasing the number of well trained ringers at churches within the Birmingham Diocese is the central objective of the School.

On completing the syllabus the student will be a competent change ringer and we very much hope they will stay with the School as a helper and ultimately perhaps a teacher.