Birmingham School of Bell Ringing

What do you want to know?

Q. Who can ring?

A.  Students come to us via a variety of different routes – some approach their local church wanting to join the ringers there and are directed to us for training until they are ready to ring with their chosen band. Others come to us through a personal recommendation or internet search with no connection to any church with bells.

In all cases, it is our aim to place our students with local bands in Birmingham, whilst still looking after their training needs.

It is important to add here that attending the church services that we ring for is not a requirement of anyone learning to ring. Whilst some people consider bell ringing to be part of their church related activity, other people do it purely for leisure and pleasure.

Q. How old do I need to be?

A. Anyone aged 11 and over

Q. Do I need to be fit?

A. In reasonable health and able to climb stairs

Q. Do I need to be strong?

A. No! It’s all about skill and technique

Q. Do I need to be good at maths?

A. Being able to count is all the maths needed and you can become a very good ringer

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