Silent Tower Reopens

Birmingham School of Bell Ringing

Silent Tower Reopens

Congratulations to BSoBR students Jenny and Tim Sunter on achieving their goal!

Tim Sunter writes:

After two and a half years of learning with the school, we are pleased to announce that Brierley Hill, St Michael’s, will commence bell ringing practice nights on Friday 28th October, 7.45pm until 9pm. We would love it if you could come along.

We have thought hard about which night of the week to start the practice on, and quickly realised that no matter which night we chose it would clash with another practice.

In the end we chose Friday as the only night we could both guarantee to free, and it is the night with fewest clashes with other activities in the church as well other practices in the area.

All ringers are welcome. Indeed we are relying on some of you to join us, support us, and share with us as we start out on this new journey.

As part of our medium to long term plan to recruit, Tim has started the ART scheme for teaching, and we are looking to schedule one or two practice nights in the near future focused on one method or aspect of ringing to support newer ringers. More details to follow.

So whether you want to drop in for an occasional visit or are looking for something more regular please do give us a thought.

Parking at the church is fairly limited but there is space on surrounding roads.

Entrance will be through the rear of the church by the car park.

The door will be locked at 7.45pm, but opened again briefly at 8pm for any latecomers.

If you would like to know more beforehand please ring Jenny or email

We do hope to see you on 28th October or some time soon.

Many thanks for all of your help and encouragement.