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Birmingham School of Bell Ringing

BSoBR wins ART Award

Clare McArdle and the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing won the ‘ART Award for Innovation in Recruitment or Retention’ (which was accompanied by an award of £400).

Another brick in the wall….

We’ve added another certificate to our “Wall of fame” at St Paul’s. Well done Janet on gaining accreditation to ART for “teaching Elementary Change Ringing”.

Graduation success!

Christine Barnell has become the first student to graduate from the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing. Before joining the School Christine had already had one go at learning to ring, but had given up, not feeling she had ever gained enough confidence with bell control. A friend persuaded her to try again and pointed her…
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What a weekend!

Congratulations to 2 of our students on ringing their first quarter peals this weekend: Paul Mobey and Chloë Harris took part in Arthur Reeves’ quarter peal afternoon on Saturday before the St Martin’s Guild AGM. Paul rang the treble to Grandsire Double at Smethwick:http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=987899 and Chloë rang the treble to Plain Bob Doubles at Handsworth:…
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Mike reaches quarter peal milestone

Two successes in one day! Hot on the heels of Jenny, Mike too has scored his first quarter peal: http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=982437

Jenny joins the “quarter peal” club

Well done to Jenny, who scored her first quarter peal today – Grandsire Doubles on the treble. Congratulations! http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=982436

Triple success for Tim

Triple success for Tim today at Harborne – first quarter peal, tick; first quarter covering, tick; Level 3 Learning the Ropes complete, tick. Phew! Well done Tim. http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=978148 http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=978149

VE Day Commemoration

The national commemoration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day is taking preference over sessions of the School this week. As many of you will be aware, the Government has requested that bells in all churches be rung (if possible) at 11.00 on Saturday 9th May. So that this can happen, we recognise that many…
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Website updates

Some of the sections of the website have now been updated – “About the School” has some additional pages, giving the prospective new ringer a bit more of an idea what to expect should they sign up. From this week onwards, the weekly allocation will also be published in the “helpers” section of the School…
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Great feedback….

This morning’s session at Harborne was the most progress I have ever seen in a single session of the School. Well done to Tim, Jenny and Sallie, and also to Tower B for providing the groundwork that makes such quick progress possible! Simon