VE Day Commemoration

Birmingham School of Bell Ringing

VE Day Commemoration

Clares CatThe national commemoration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day is taking preference over sessions of the School this week. As many of you will be aware, the Government has requested that bells in all churches be rung (if possible) at 11.00 on Saturday 9th May. So that this can happen, we recognise that many of you will be needed by your own towers. The School sessions at Handsworth, Harborne and Edgbaston will not be taking place, but there is VE Day commemorative ringing at all 4 School towers – some of you are helping us achieve this at Handsworth, where there are hardly any local ringers.

I hope that most if not all of you manage to ring somewhere next Saturday morning – for some of you, this could be your first taste of helping the nation to commemorate an historic event.

THERE WILL BE a bell handling only session at St Paul’s for the Level 1 students


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